Huge Underground Business© is the product of global street culture and 
Italian sartorial taste that sensibly combines different cultural references and
social themes. It is past and present, vintage and contemporary, abstract and
concrete. Huge is expressed by a continuous dualism that materializes in the
middle between what has been and what will be. The merging of these two
overlaps is developed through cutting-edge design pieces in repeated
Huge Underground Business© is hi-tech, looks for technical,
 and innovative fabrics, keeping  forward of  innovations about
 washes and manipulations of the fabrics themselves. “Huge”
takes great 
care in the details and in the accessories of the garment, it
believes in
 garments with more functionality and different uses with
different wearability and comfort than the traditional ones. 


A brand respectful of the individuals and enviromentally friendly,  free from
prejudices and cultures union founded by two young designers in early 2018

when they still have to complete their studies. They showed their first collection
at Pitti Immagine: they created the brand with the intention of showing their
vision of street culture through a mix of sportswear, workwear and tailoring