HOMEWARE - PLAYLIST 02 curated by Rocco Cavalera

“A man travels the world in search of what he needs and comes back home to find it.” This is the explanation George Moore gave referring to the concept of home, not in terms of a place and neither of a mental condition, but as an act; just as Ulysses did when he decided to give up all his privileges, like the eternal youth, needed to return to Itaca and promised by Circe.

This necessity inspired Huge into creating “homeware”, a product line designed to communicate the same harmony and comfort which diversifies the place we call home from a regular house.

Similar to Huge, Rocco Cavalera selected 37 tracks, audible on Spotify into the homonymous playlist “Homeware - Playlist 02”, to adorn, like an interior designer, the inner psychological space into which we search and find shelter from the chaos of the world and its rushes.