SMART LABEL is a smart label that communicates with all smartphones and tablets equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

It is simple to use, just bring the NFC phone close to the label and read what appears on the display.

SMART LABEL, covered by a patent, is resistant to household washing and can be read even after several treatments, it is an intelligent label that can distinguish TRUE from FALSE.


SMART LABEL guarantees the end customer the certainty of having purchased an AUTHENTIC product. It is equipped with a unique code that identifies only and exclusively an object that is part of a single production lot. The customer, independently, already in the store can read all the contents of the label, it will continue to be readable for the entire life of the garment. The brand with this system can identify fake garments and everything that comes from the parallel market.


The “intelligent” label provides a valid support for conscious and responsible consumption, favors the cultural evolution of the user / customer by promoting purchases and consumption more identifying and personalized. SMART LABEL is a great way to certify the entire production chain in a transparent manner. The objects are also tracked by a unique code and therefore, in the event of theft, it is possible to report them to prevent them being re-entered into the market.

*Available from ‘Clean’ and ‘f/w20’ collections.